a eulogy for the finest dog.

b. Aug, 2005 – d. May 24, 2014


I remember bringing you and your sister home, no idea of the wild ride I was in for.

I remember never knowing what to do with you and how to control you.

I remember sitting on the floor hugging you and crying when I thought I would have to put you down for being aggressive.

I remember deciding to give you a chance.

I remember you teaching me how to be patient and willing to try.

I remember the fear I used to have when I took you to dog parks.

I remember those early days in the field, when you first learned to come out of your shell, when you made friends with other people and dogs for the first time

I remember you becoming what you always had it in you to become.

I remember the glee with which you would chase down anything; ball, Frisbee, stick, and bark incessantly for me to throw it again and again and again, until you just couldn’t anymore.

I remember the day you let Abby eat carrots out of your hand even though I was so scared that you would be scared and bite.

I remember watching you do shows with her on the front porch in Florida; you gave her continuity in a time of major chaos.

I remember the year I withdrew from the world; how you stayed there with me and wouldn’t let me detach completely

I remember the first time someone walked in to the house and there was no problem.

I remember coming home from countless business trips to you hopping and barking at the door.

I remember crying over you in the vet’s office when I thought you were done

I remember bringing you home and watching as your strength returned

I remember thinking how proud I was of you and how strong you were to beat the disease that was causing your body to kill yourself.

I remember sitting on the grass with you on the last day of your life, stroking your fur and looking in your eyes.

I remember how much I loved you and how much you meant to me and how I knew you were done fighting

I remember getting the call and knowing.

I remember them telling me you were in cardiac arrest.

I remember asking the doctor to stop, to let you go.

I remember sitting with your lifeless body and feeling your fur, which still felt like it did when you were alive.

I remember you. You saved my life and made me a better man.

I remember 8 years of wonderful friendship.

Thank you.

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One Response to a eulogy for the finest dog.

  1. Amy Mitchell says:

    Wow…that is an awesome tribute to an awesome friend. It brought me to tears. So sorry for your loss James.

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