rocky mountain high!

well, you will have to excuse me for the lack of posting but i am on vacation with the family and we are currently in an rv park in jasper national park without any internet access (well, that’s not exactly true, i am in the black sheep cafe in jasper, alberta using some wireless.

my family, by the way, is finding my desperate need to get on the internet rather hillarious and reminiscent of the obsession my sister had with finding a television when we were vacationing on cape cod years ago.

oh well, i say, it’s all about fantasy baseball and the three psycho dogs must be managed.

the trip has been incredible so far. the picture above was taken outside the fairmont lake louise. it had to be one of the most stunning settings i have seen in some time.

i went for a run this morning in the cool mountain air and couldn’t have had a better time.

so cheers, eh! and i will write more soon.

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2 Responses to rocky mountain high!

  1. Sallie says:

    Your family get onto you about something? I can’t see it….

  2. james says:

    yah, i know…shocking right?

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