in memoriam.

when i think of this day, i have so many emotions. there is a personal component sure (i have shared my 9-11 story before, so i won’t do it again.)

one thing i was focusing on this morning though is that in all the anger and frustration i feel over this event and all the sadness i feel for the loss of life and the destruction of my generation’s national innocence, there is a story out of it all that brings me a lot of hope, pride and comfort.

it’s the story of some ordinary americans, who when faced with the unthinkable, did something extraordinary.

i’d like to ask each of you to say a little prayer for them.

i found this on youtube. it’s amateur and a bit campy, but it made me choke up and i wanted to share it –

god bless the passengers and crew of united 93. i hope they are all in a better place now.

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