Top 5 Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Property

5 tips to increase your property value

Are you looking to get your property valued? It can be quite intimidating at first when considering all of the factors that make for a successful valuation, so in order to alleviate some of this stress (we understand!), we have compiled a short list of 5 things to consider to maximise the potential of your property.

Make sure not to overlook any of the following points, even if they may not at first seem an obvious fit. Creativity and practicality are your friends when working to increase the value of your property.

  1. Growth potential

If you’re looking to increase the long term value of your property, then consider whether modifications can be made to expand the property, even if you do not make them yourself.

Attaining the planning potential for an extension can add fantastic value to the property, and can even be the main selling point for a potential buyer.

  1. Local transport links

Consider one of the most important factors a buyer looks for when searching for a new property, how accessible it is for them to commute and get around by transport. 

At first, it may seem as if these factors are out of your control. Train stations and bus stops sadly won’t move their premises to help increase the value of your property, as much as we wish for them to.

However, there are some aspects you can control. What about a driveway? Can this be expanded? Having the space for an extra car can make all the difference, and add extra value to your property.

  1. Don’t forget presentability

Presentability goes a lot further than just clearing up the floors of clutter and throwing out the rubbish. Often, it can be a sign of a deeper issue.

For example, if you’ve noticed you have a damp or mould problem, this is most likely the result of a much larger moisture issue. These aspects will get noticed, so being proactive and fixing these issues as early as possible will save you time and money down the line.

  1. How many bathrooms are there?

Alongside the kitchen, the bathrooms are usually the most important rooms in the property for a potential buyer; their numbers and location matter. 

If you have the space to add an extra bathroom or even an ensuite bathroom, you stand to increase the value of your property.

Finally, spacing out your bathrooms throughout the house means easy accessibility and another potential plus for your buyer.

  1. Consider your buyer

It’s often a bad idea to try to cater to all available demographics. If your property has one bedroom and the space best suited for a young professional, then it’s not recommended to try to redesign the property for a family.

Think about your ideal buyer for the property and work to fully optimise it for that particular demographic. Successfully recognising your ideal demographic is a crucial step that should not be overlooked.

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