Why you can’t sleep

why can't I sleep

Insomnia is a common struggle, especially when there is a pandemic on!

When a lot of things are cropping up all at once, catching sleep is a tough hurdle.

One thing that is associated with the lack of sleep is the restless mind and body that seem to run a mile a minute.

The good news is beating insomnia doesn’t have to be complicated. But it takes conscious effort to adopt some lifestyle changes to make it work.

Here are some tips on what to do if you can’t sleep

Check your environment

Find a quiet place where you can shut the world out and hit the sack. The environment plays a vital role in ensuring that your sleep isn’t disrupted.

Playing calming sound like nature can appease an anxious mind. One recommendation is to keep your TV and working space separate from your bedroom.

Sleep at a specific time every night

Having a regular sleeping hour will help your biological clock adjust. Having an alarm to remind you to sleep can help you stay consistent over the first few weeks until your body adjusts.

Cut down or avoid caffeine before sleeping

Caffeine can stimulate your brain, it is recommended that you avoid drinking at least six (6) hours before sleeping time.

Instead, drink water. Or better, reach out for a warm glass of milk.

Turn off gadgets at least an hour before sleeping

Using electronic gadgets at night is one of the culprits for sleepless nights. Instead of movie bingeing at night or checking your social media, postpone it for the following day.

Use the time to relax through simple stretching or listening to calming music.

If all else fails, write a journal.

Anxious mind and soul can keep your spirit awake. Rather than tossing and turning in your bed, get up, grab a pen and a paper and write your worries away.

The sooner you get it out of your system, the more relaxed you will be.

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. Leave your worries behind and dream the night away as you face another tomorrow.



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