What is kinesiology?


Have you ever wondered why you are feeling sick, tired, or just not ok? 

There are a good amount of indicatives of the health state of a person like skin, tongue color, or even the eye movement. 

There is a simple method to “talk” to your body and find out what the problem is and then, find a specific solution to keep you healthy. This is the kinesiology principle. 

What is kinesiology

Kinesiology uses precise muscle testing procedures to detect disturbances that can be physical, emotional, nutritional, or any other type. It helps to get to the root of the problem, so it can be fixed directly and not just treat the symptoms. 

In the techniques used by the specialists, they establish a dialogue with the body through stimulations and the responses of the muscles. When it is not the regular answer, something is wrong with that specific part. 


  • Relieves the stress and anxiety. 
  • It is not intrusive.
  • Shows the root of the problem and how to correct it. 
  • Improve muscle tone. 
  • More accurate treatment.

What to expect from a kinesiology session

After an intense kinesiology session, some people might have some after-effects. They are a natural response of the body integrating the healing process. Some common symptoms are: 

  • Dizziness or sleepiness.
  • Vivid dreams.
  • Sudden emotional changes, including sudden crying or anger if it has been treated in the session.
  • Peaceful feeling.
  • Improvements in mobility, sleeping, and breathing. 

As you can see, kinesiology is a unique and accurate way to detect what is really wrong with your body or your mind, and it has amazing and non-intrusive benefits for your health. If you want to know more, here you will find the reasons to use kinesiology and when to use it. 

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